KONSEI(Thailand) is a Thailand Subsdiary of KONSEI JAPAN

ภาษาไทย 日本語

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since 1996 KONSEI(Thailand) CO.,LTD  Persistent Quality improvement, Cost Reduction

Outline of the company

Date of foundation Febuary 2, 1996
Capital 60,000,000 THB
Bussiness Auto parts
Main facilities Parts Former, Cold forging press, NC turning, Plating line e.t.c
Head Plant
Address: 700/395 Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Moo 6, T.Donhualoh, A.Muang, Chonburi province 20000 THAILAND
Phone. (038) 465-204-5 Ext.100
Fax. (038) 465-206
Date of foundation: September, 2006
Plant Area: 16,800m2
Building Area: 4,254m2
First Plant
Address: 700/118 Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Rd., T.Bankao, A.Panthong, Chonburi province 20160 THAILAND
Phone. (038) 213-227, 213-229
Fax. (038) 213-228
Date of foundation: May, 1997
Plant Area: 7,448m2
Building Area: 2,696m2

KONSEI (THAILAND) Company Profile

Period Profile
1996 February Founded
    Started business with Toyoda Gosei (Thailand)
1997 May Established 1st factory block No.1
  July Asian Finacial Crisis
1998 July Started business with KYB Steering (Thailand)
  October Started line operation for Tin-zinc plating.
2000 July Started business with TOKAI RIKA (THAILAND)
2001 May Started business with SIAM AISIN
2002 October Established 1st factory block No.2
2003 May Started business with Daicel Safety Systems (Thailand)
  May Installed cold forging machine.
  May Started business with Daikin compressor Industries
2004 March Quality Management system Certification (ISO/TS16949)
  May Started line operation for zinc plating at 1st factory.
2006 February Started sales of Stocker
  September Established Head factory block No.1
2007 February Installed cold forging machine.
2008 January Started sales of Auto loaders
  August Started sales of Carrier device
  December Started business with Daicel Safety Technologies (Thailand)
2009 February Expanded Head factory
2010 October Started business with AISIN THAI AUTOMOTIVE CASTING
    Received Q&D Outstanding Performance Supplier Award from SIAM AISIN
    Received Best Supplier Award(QCDS) from Toyoda Gosei (Thailand)
    Received Best Delivery Award from TOKAI RIKA (THAILAND)
2011 March Installed additional cold forging machine.
  June Established Head factory block No.2
  September Started line operation for Electroless Nickel plating at head factory.
    Received QCD Award from KYB Steering (Thailand)
2013   Started business with ADVICS MANUFACTURING (THAILAND)
    Installed additional cold forging machine.
    Received TPS Best Practice Company from Thailand Automotive Institute


KONSEI(Thailand) Head Plant
KONSEI(Thailand) Head Plant

KONSEI(Thailand) 1st Plant
KONSEI(Thailand) 1st Plant