FA(Factory Automation) Propose, Promote, Support

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FA made in KONSEI(THAILAND)  Loading unit.Transfer system.Robot system

Designing and manufacturing

3DCG image of Line System
3DCG image of Line System

Automated equipments for Labor Saving

Gantry   Auto Loader   Articulated Robot


We propose automation system matching the customer's factory ranging from Feeding, Unloading, Transfering to Measuring, Inspection, Stocking(Box) e.t.c, line system up to production management.
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Auto Loader

KONSEI enhances a wide variety of special machines to automate a wide variety of production processes. We propose and design devices required for special duties and scenes.


Articulated Robot

We also introduce Advanced Robot systems to the factory. In order to reduce the cost personel expenses e.t.c, KONSEI is developing the same technology in Japan to Thailand.

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