KONSEI(THAILAND) deals in various kinds of plating like Zinc,Tin Zinc,Electoless Nickel.

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Electroless Nickel Plating Tin Zinc and Zinc Plating  KONSEI strives to offer flexible suface treatment

Flexible surface treatment

Zinc,chromate,Tin-Zinc Plating
Zinc,chromate,Tin-Zinc Plating
  Electroless Nickel
Electroless Nickel

Rich wastewater treatment facility

1st Plant 8.0m3/h
1st Factory 8.0m3/h
  Head Plant 13.0m3/h
Head Factory 13.0m3/h

Production capacity

Treatment types Production
Required drainage
capacity (m3/h)
Zn 150 3.0
Sn-Zn 70 3.0
Electroless Zinc 350 2.5
Bonderizing 40 1.0
Blackening 7 0.5
Painting 20 0.5

Wastewater capacity

Wastewater facility Drainage capacity
1st Factory wastewater treatment facility 8.0
Head Factory wastewater treatment facility 13.0
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