Parts integrated production by cold forging

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Integrated Proccessing Integrated Proccessing reduces production costs.

Integrated Proccessing Integrated production from Cold forging up to Cutting,Plating,Inspection.

Integrated Proccessing   KONSEI's Integrated Production   Cold forging parts production

Persistent Quality improvement, Cost Reduction

KONSEI evolved machining technology from conventional Cutting to cold forging enabling world optimum quality and cost of integrated production from raw materials to finished products. Also the fact that 80% of manufacturing facilities are made by KONSEI contributes to minimized costs and speedy parts production.


KONSEI's Integrated Production

KONSEI achieves a unified quality control and thorough elimination of waste by totally managing several processes of Cold forging,Plating and Inspection. KONSEI will continue challenging NEW TECHNOLOGY and broadening INTEGRATED PRODUCTION.


From Cutting to Cold forging

KONSEI aims at pursuing persistent cost reduction. By reviewing the machining method from conventional cutting to cold forging, KONSEI aims at establishing a method to make final products with minimal materials and process steps.

Main production facilities  Parts Processing 1.5 million pcs/month  Surface Treatment 3 million pcs/month

Processing facilities

Facility Name Number
Cold forging machine 2
Forging Press 1
Machining center 5
Machining 4
NC turning machine 106
NC turning machine with Parts Feeder 7
6 Spindle Auto Turning machine 16
Bar material cutter 5
Automatic Tapper 7
Centerless Polishing machine 3
Rolling Machine 2
Facility Name Number
Hole press machine (Perforater) 3
Crimping machine 3
Barrel Finishing machine 4
Pin bending machine 2
Air leakage inspection machine 3
Level inspection machine 2
Auto inspection machine 6
Vision processing inspection equipment 9
Washing machine 2

Surface treatment facilities

Facility Name Number
Zinc plating 1 Line
Tin Zinc alloy plating 1 Line
Electroless Nickel plating 1 Line
Black oxide finish 1 Line
Facility Name Number
Bondering 1 Line
Hardening and painting machine 1 Line
Skimmer 2
Baking machine 5

Measuring equipment

Facility Name Number
3D coordinate measuring instrument 1
Roundness measuring instrument 2
Contour measuring instrument 3
Surface Texture measuring instrument 2
Hardness testing machine 2
Microscope 3
Projector 1
Facility Name Number
Air micrometer 7
PH meter 1
X-ray Thickness meter 1
Salt spray testing instrument 1
Thickness meter 1
Dosimeter 3
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